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Benefits of playing puzzle games

Generally seen as a source of entertainment, puzzles have always been a part of our lives. Since childhood, we jumped with joy when we finally nailed that crossword puzzle or even put together a few simple pieces of a jigsaw! Digitization has changed the way puzzles are played, but – puzzles are puzzles – in whatever form they may come! They have always been fun, and will always be fun. Apart from all the fun and entertainment associated with puzzles, here are a few benefits of solving puzzles!

guezzit game

Educational value

With education, you improve your researching abilities, language skills, reasoning ability, spellings and analytical powers. You also develop increased concentration and enrich your creative abilities. A person solving a puzzle reasons in a logical way, recognizes and correlates patterns and then deduces solutions to the puzzle at hand. Puzzles, word games and Word Guessing Games also instill all of these qualities and are hence considered as educational.

Improve your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Studies have shown that people who solve puzzles have a higher IQ level than others. Puzzles force a person to think logically and reason. Players use their general knowledge and awareness, memory and spatial imagery during problem solving. This helps sharpen their brains and improves their IQ.

Enhance your cognitive abilities

Solving puzzles enhance the ability to visualize the part-whole relationship and understand how things fit in. Advanced levels in games help enhance word power, spellings and language skills. They also help improve vocabulary and research skills.

Concentration problems? May be puzzles can help!

Any brainteaser requires concentration to get a grasp of it and arrive at an answer. Puzzles are known to increase the attention span too. Puzzles always come in varying levels of complexity and the challenge faced by the player with each increasing level is greater than the previous. Higher levels require greater concentration.

Puzzles improve your problem solving skills

The ultimate goal of any puzzle is to solve a problem. This is exactly why puzzles help improve your critical thinking ability. You learn patience, determination as well as the tactic to break big and complex problems into small, easily solvable portions. Once the puzzle is solved,

Impact your social skills

Many Puzzle Games online or on your mobiles include an option to play with a partner. This enhances your social skills too. Interacting with people and playing a game together helps you make new friends and meet new people with similar likings and a passion for puzzles!

Puzzles for improving productivity

Many times routines get boring and boring routines tend to get stressful. Stress reduces productivity. Well, taking a break once in a while and playing a round of a word game on your cell phone, could be a good refresher. You can return back to your work – refreshed and full of energy. This helps you work with greater zeal and ultimately improves your productivity.

Generally, mobile games or puzzles are seen as a means of entertainment. This is not entirely false. Of course mobile games and puzzles are entertaining, but they have a brighter side to them too. They can be equally educational and help build a host of other skills too.

You can download this game on your AndroidsiPhones or even play it on Facebook.



GuezzIt – Banish Boredom, Play, Learn and Have Fun!

Banishing boredom or stress relief or pure fun – whatever your reason is, word games always come to the rescue! From the beginning of language, word games have always been popular. Whether it is spelling games, spelling contests or the most recent word guessing games, these games manage to entertain you and take you to a whole new world for a little while – thus banishing boredom and relieving stress.

Well, those are not the only reasons why word games are popular. Word games are popular because they provide you with learning as well as gaming experiences. GuezzIt is one such word guessing game that can be great fun and challenging at the same time.

Here’s how

Vocabulary & Spellings
This is the very first and quite obvious reason. Word games indirectly or directly force you to work on your vocabulary and spellings. Some people even used them as an aid to improving their spellings and vocabulary. While it keeps you engaged with guessing the words right, you subconsciously learn the right word and its spelling. The next time you use that word in a sentence, you will find that you remember the spelling perfectly!

word guessing game

Brain Workout
Solving puzzles is a great exercise for the brain. It is proven by research that this kind of activity improves certain functions of the brain and you stay away from a number of mental disorders. Whether you are twenty years old, ten or sixty, word games can be a great addition to your daily stress busters – you learn on the way too!

Once you begin a game, you do not put your phone down until it’s complete. These kinds of games help you improve your concentration. They engage you and force you to concentrate. The gradual increase in the difficultly levels challenges your brain power and influences your mind to not give up until you win!

Word guessing games have become very popular and why not – they have their advantages too!

You can download this game on your Androids, iPhones or even play it on Facebook.

GuezzIt – Word Guessing Game For All Ages!

Word games are popular no doubt; they are also the most addictive. We love puzzles and what’s better than a word game to spice up some dull moments or a long journey? Word games keep us intellectually active and force us to stretch our limits of thinking. Word guessing games make us think-out-of-the-box and look beyond the obvious. You look at four completely different yet similar images and guess some kind of connection between them. It helps you think differently and explore different possibilities.

Guezzit is one such game that activates those parts of your brains that deal with language and keep your brains active.

Benefits for Kids
It’s impossible to make your kid sit down and learn new words. You cannot enforce vocabulary learning. Dictionary is not something that children read with interest. But give the same children an interesting mobile game, and see the difference! You can spend quality, fun time with your children and make them learn in the process. Writing words and their meanings is not what kids do with great interest. But using a word game as a learning tool could be a better way to attract their attention.

Guezz It

Benefits for Adults
It is a known fact that some kinds of games have psychological benefits. You forget everything else and concentrate on solving the puzzle on the screen. It puts your mind off stress and gives you a few moments of peace. You can also play word guessing games in your leisure time or while on a long journey.

While crossword puzzles and scrabble were traditionally very popular word games, the new age kids and modern minds prefer innovation in the type of games presented to them.

GuezzIt is a perfect game for such people. It presents you with four images with something similar in them. They word you are looking for is the similarity between these images. There are over hundred stages to cross and three different difficulty levels! Depending on your expertise and vocabulary, you can play the level you wish to!

You can download this game on your Androids, iPhones or even play it on Facebook.
For more information, please click on this link: www.guezzit.com

Play And Learn With GuezzIt

Unlike the common notion that playing digital games are a waste of time, some apps also make you smarter! Still wondering how? There are many mobile games today that are not simply used for playing in your leisure time. Some games add value to your wealth of knowledge too. Some games help you apply your knowledge and test your limits. One such game is GuezzIt. It is a simple word guessing game.

At first glance, it comes across as a simple game, but as you go further, you realize how much it sharpens your gray cells.

To play it all you need to do is to download it from your Android or iPhones. The installation is a simple process.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You will be presented with four different images. All these images lead to one single clue. You need to find the similarity in those four images and that’s the word you are looking for!

That’s how you guess words. If you think it’s that simple, try it! It poses challenges at every single level. You need to think out of the box and think beyond what is obvious. Look beyond what is presented to you and imagine what the word might be.

Guezz It

GuezzIt is for all age groups. If you have kids at home, it could be a great learning experience. There is a common perception regarding digital games that they tend to distract children and do not add value to their knowledge. Well, with word games, you need not worry about your kids wasting time or playing games endlessly without any value addition. Word games and Word Guessing Games could be a great addition to your kid’s knowledge strengthening tools.

Similar to scrabble and crosswords, these games empower your children to think, imagine and solve puzzles. It builds your imagination and knowledge too.

For frequent travellers

It’s always a question – what will you do for three hours in the train or two hours in a plane? Well, mobile games have definitely made the wait more interesting! If you think that looking out of the window is boring and you are too active to day-dream, here’s some activity for you! Guezz It could be your best buddy while you travel.

For those who just love to test their knowledge

Most of us just love challenges! Winning makes you feel more confident! It also helps you feel at the top of the world and elevates your self esteem. GuezzIt could give you exactly this kind of feeling. GuezzIt presents you with the most challenging puzzles and the more you solve, the more you want.