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GuezzIt – It’s a challenge and fun too!

Word games have always been popular. Traditionally, they took the form of scrabble, crossword puzzles and such other games. Today, digitized versions of most of these games are available. There are a number of mobile word games available today. There are some games with interesting twists such as ‘guessing’ a particular word by looking at clues. GuezzIt is one such Word Guessing Game. It presents the user with four different images. These images have some kind of similarity. The user needs to be a keen observer with an eye for detail. The four images will have something in common – that’s your clue. You will need to guess the right word. With every right guess, you win a few golden coins. Well, if you are stuck at some place, you always have an option of availing a hint. This hint comes at a price though – you will have to pay a few gold coins in order to avail hints.

Word Guessing GameWell, the rules are pretty clear and simple, yet the game is very challenging and puts your grey cells to test.

Here’s why word guessing games are becoming more and more popular:

They are a challenge
Guessing the right word requires not only observation skills but also the right vocabulary. Well, once you know what the clue is pointing at, you must be able to name it! You cannot guess in another language. GuezzIt definitely poses a challenge, and makes you learn and have fun at the same time.

They are for leisure
Word guessing games are not all about ‘learning’ and ‘using your grey cells’. They are for leisure too. They can be played anytime, anywhere and have a great entertainment value. You can play word guessing games in the train or while waiting for a bus too.

They are interesting

As mentioned earlier, these games are not all about learning and education. They are interesting and fun too. The rules of the game make them more fun to play. There are over 100 stages and four different levels. You can go to the next stage only after you have guessed the word right.

They help exercise your brains

Well, again, they are not simply fun too. You get to know a lot of new words and all the thinking and observing helps exercise your brains. Word games give you something to think about and teach you never to give up until you get it right!

They create a distraction – hence help relieve stress

In today’s world, daily stress is a common occurrence. A round of ‘GuezzIt’ could definitely lighten up your mood and help you relax. It is a known psychological fact that games (including board games and mobile games) act as stress busters.

Well, if you are looking for an interesting word guessing game, download GuezzIt – it has it all – fun, the zing and learning too!

You can download this game on your AndroidsiPhones or even play it on Facebook.


GuezzIt Can Empower Your Word Skills Along With A Lot Of Other Skills!

Playing with words is the key to all professions – whether you are a marketing professional, lawyer or a sports coach. You need ‘words’ for expression. This is why you should have a good vocabulary of words. Who said vocabulary is only for a writer or a literary professional? Even if you are an engineer or a doctor you will need the right words out of your mouth when you are negotiating or talking to patients! Well, guess what! You can develop word skills by actually playing word games! The traditional crossword puzzle or scrabble was good enough, but today’s new age people want new age games!

GuezzIt is one such new age game that helps you build your word power. And a lot of other skills:

Word Skills
GuezzIt offers you four different images. You need to look at those images and find what is common. That’s the word you are looking for. You can never think of just one word. You will think of at least 3 -4 words that match the description. Your word skills will definitely improve. You get to know 3 -4 words of similar meaning.

Speaking skills
Playing with words and their meanings can help you indirectly too. You will realize that if you ever take a hint for guessing a word, you will remember it better. And if the word is new, you will also try to use it the next time you create a sentence. Well, this is human nature! Your speaking automatically improves.


Thinking out of the box
Each time your grey cells are put to test. You are forced to look beyond the obvious and think of words that are very common but not very obvious. This helps you develop your thinking out of the box skills. T

Spelling power
The game forces you to spell the word you guessed correctly too. Your spellings thus improve a lot! And all this is done without the burden of learning the spellings alphabet by alphabet! You can easily ‘play and learn along’!

Winning spirit
Guessing the right word and winning puts you on the top of the world! It builds happiness and a winning spirit in us!

You can download this game on your Androids, iPhones or even play it on Facebook.

Puzzles: How It Can be Helpful in Childhood Development

Puzzles are games for the mind and for brain development, they are widely known for development of your knowledge with a great fun and enjoyment. Puzzles are proven sources of knowledge for children and enables you to make them familiar with new words present in the real world. It also helps to increase vocabulary of kids on a daily basis, that too in an exciting manner.

Puzzle gaming apps have many types and categories, developed targeting different age groups and interest area of users. Children usually should start with the applications which will help them to learn basic things like numbers, alphabets, colors or shapes. There are a number of gaming applications available on the app store and Google play store which will help them out for same.  Also there is a wide range of jigsaw puzzle apps available in the store, for both Android and iOS devices.

Puzzles can be beneficial for your kids in many ways like…

  • They learn to be calm and have patience until the puzzle is solved
  • Problem solving for particular puzzle task or stage
  • Quick decision making skill enhancement
  • Understanding of basic things

These are the basic skills that can be developed in your kid with the help of gaming applications. People are getting smarter with the era of smart phones and this is affecting on the new generation too. Kinds are more into gadgets and smart phones then the traditional games. Technology has transformed all the games into digital forms, which is grabbing more and more users towards it as per their interest areas.guezzit game

Games like chess or snake andladder are available on the app store in the form of mobile application; users can download it and start playing it anytime and anywhere. Also these applications are making them independent for playing, they are not dependent on any other player to come and join them for playing, simply they can play with the computer player, which is available for playing anytime.

Also there is a range of outdoor games available on the application store of both Android games and iOS games.  These are the games with a great user interface and graphics, which conveys great fun and joy while playing. These types of applications also have a facility of letting the players compete to other players from different regions and countries. This way it brings more excitement for players to win and cheer.

Now Guezz It is for both users Android as well as iOS. Android user can download it from Play Stores and iOS user can download it from App Store.

Visit on Facebook to know more about Guezz It.

GuezzIt – A Smart Game for Everyone!

I seem to not get enough of these puzzle games on my Smartphone. They are like just the right kind of Smartphone game as you can pick them up and play anywhere, but you can still put them down when needed. One of the best parts is that they keep the mind stimulated and alert to things around and help us build up the analytical side of our brain. I generally have a lot of puzzle games on my phone and I am always on the lookout for a new one to play. This is where Guezz It comes in.

GuezzIt has the most basic visuals you could possibly imagine. It’s so uncomplicated and basic that pretty much anyone gets addicted to it once they get a hang of it. Well, as far as the designs are concerned I have always been fond of minimal design, so I like the style of the game. The animations are smooth and fluid; there is no soundtrack to this game, though there are cool sound effects when you get the correct answer. The game play consists of clues to a word, place or even a new section to combine words, and you need to guess the right word. GuezzIt, like other puzzle games, is based on levels that are further divided into three different levels of difficulty. Though, you have to go through all of the levels on each difficulty level in order to progress, so you can’t just start off with the “Hard” before the “Easy” level. The overall game play can be explained in the following way

Guezz It

  • There are four modes to play the game. These are:
      • Guess the word
      • Guess the place
      • Combine Word
      • Daily Contest

    The first step in the game is to choose any of these above modes that you wish to play; once you select any one of the modes, you are redirected to the next step.

  • As mentioned previously, “GuezzIt” is based on stages that you must clear before moving on to the next. At the moment, there are 100 levels to solve and qualify for the next level for the first two modes. The Combine Word and Daily Contest options are available as a free play without any stages.
  • For the first two modes there will be four pictures shown and each of them would be a hint to guess the correct word or place. If you find it really difficult to answer the question, you can always use hint or tap/click on skip button.

GuezzIt starts off with 250 coins and helps you gain more as you clear the levels. Though GuezzIt also has some in-app purchases which help you go pro, which brings with it added incentives like no advertisements, bonus coins and access to all levels.

GuezzIt is a fun game, especially for the puzzle lovers. And with more new levels and daily contests declared by the developer the excitement to it just builds up. So, what are you waiting for? Go to Google play store or iTunes app store, download the game and start playing!

GuezzIt – You Will Love IT!

Let me guess, the name GuezzIt has proved to be extremely impressive and it has drawn you here to read the review. You must be fond of the brain and word power games or else the ones that include guessing. If you have always been fond of the general knowledge games or the brainstorming riddles and puzzles, this game is going to be fun. Are you the one who used to be always excited about answering first in the class? Does happiness mean giving the right answer for you? If the answers to both the questions are yes, this game would be extremely interesting for you.

banner-1This is all about facing challenges and storming your mind to guess the right word. Oh yes, as the name suggests, GuezzIt is all about guessing the right word and it checks your guessing power as well as general knowledge. Alright, no more suspense! Let us discuss about the game now. Well, we shall talk here about the features of the game as well as the rules. Moreover, you will come across the step by step process, which will help you know how to play game. If you are interested to know about all these, keep reading…

Well, Guezz It is one of those typical games that are a little tricky, yet interesting. But, this is no bad news for you, as you are always up to face the challenges, yeah? The game is fun, so you can play it while you are bored. Also, you can play it with your friends and family. The best thing is that, you will get to check out each other’s knowledge and guessing power. Well, without wasting any more time, let us come to the step by step process of game and some of the most important features and rules.

Step 1: Select the game you want to play

Select the game you want to play; it can be either guessing the right word or guessing the right place.

Step 2: Choose the level of difficulty

Select the difficulty level: Easy, Medium or Hard.

Once you clear 100 stages of one level, you can switch to the next level. Only extra coins can let you skip stages.

Step 3: Select the stage you want to play

All the levels have unlimited stages, so you can keep playing endlessly, the stage which you like the most.

Step 4: Start playing

Try to guess the right word from the given pictures and use hint if it becomes tough to guess. You can also skip the question.

Now that you are aware of all the four stages of the games, you would love to know that you can also get bonus coins in the game. Apart from that, the best thing is that there will be no advertisement pop ups to distract you when you are playing, so you can keep playing without getting annoyed. So, then without wasting any time, download the game as soon as possible from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start playing.

GuezzIt – to test your guessing power!

If you are extremely fond of those typical guessing games or general knowledge games, this one is going to be extremely interesting for you. If you have always been keen on solving puzzles and riddles, you are going to love this game. If you belong to those category of people who are always eager to solve puzzles and then be extremely happy about guessing it right, this game is definitely made for you. If you like facing challenges and solving brainstorming puzzles, you are at the place to be and GuezzIt is going to be fun! Oh yes, the name of the game is GuezzIt and as the names suggests, it is a guessing game to check your guessing power.

Now, no rounding about the bush and no more suspense! We will straight away jump to discuss the features of the game, rules of the game and how to play it step by step. At the end of this post, you might also be interested in knowing about the future plans of the game. So, to know all these things, keep reading…

GuezzIt is one of those typical games, which might be a little tricky and brainstorming. No matter how much you are fond of such games, it can be a little difficult and challenging for you, but that’s what you like, yeah? Well, this game is fun when you are alone and getting bored. However, you can play it with friends and family too, to check each other’s general knowledge and compete, when it comes to guessing power.

Well, without going off track, let us come to the point and discuss how to play this game step by step along with some of its important rules which you must know and some interesting features as well.

services-1Step 1: Choose the game that you would like to play

All you need to do is select the game that you want to play as per your choice and mood. You can either play guessing the right place or the right word.

Step 2: Select the difficulty level

Like any other game, GuezzIt too has got three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.

You can go to the next level, only after you clear 100 stages of a level. Well, if you want to skip stages, you must purchase extra coins.

Step 3: choose the stage which you want to play

Well, each level is not limited to 100 stages. Each level has got unlimited stages. So, if you become a fan of a particular level, you can stick to that and play endlessly for the same level.

Step 4: Begin to play

You must try to guess the right word from the pictures given. You can either make the use of hint or skip the question, if it is gets too difficult.

The best thing about the game is that, you get the bonus coins. In addition to that, there will be no distractions through advertisements, so there is nothing to get annoyed and this can be real fun. So, what are you waiting for? Go to Google play store or iTunes app store, download the game and start playing!