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Benefits of playing puzzle games

Generally seen as a source of entertainment, puzzles have always been a part of our lives. Since childhood, we jumped with joy when we finally nailed that crossword puzzle or even put together a few simple pieces of a jigsaw! Digitization has changed the way puzzles are played, but – puzzles are puzzles – in whatever form they may come! They have always been fun, and will always be fun. Apart from all the fun and entertainment associated with puzzles, here are a few benefits of solving puzzles!

guezzit game

Educational value

With education, you improve your researching abilities, language skills, reasoning ability, spellings and analytical powers. You also develop increased concentration and enrich your creative abilities. A person solving a puzzle reasons in a logical way, recognizes and correlates patterns and then deduces solutions to the puzzle at hand. Puzzles, word games and Word Guessing Games also instill all of these qualities and are hence considered as educational.

Improve your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Studies have shown that people who solve puzzles have a higher IQ level than others. Puzzles force a person to think logically and reason. Players use their general knowledge and awareness, memory and spatial imagery during problem solving. This helps sharpen their brains and improves their IQ.

Enhance your cognitive abilities

Solving puzzles enhance the ability to visualize the part-whole relationship and understand how things fit in. Advanced levels in games help enhance word power, spellings and language skills. They also help improve vocabulary and research skills.

Concentration problems? May be puzzles can help!

Any brainteaser requires concentration to get a grasp of it and arrive at an answer. Puzzles are known to increase the attention span too. Puzzles always come in varying levels of complexity and the challenge faced by the player with each increasing level is greater than the previous. Higher levels require greater concentration.

Puzzles improve your problem solving skills

The ultimate goal of any puzzle is to solve a problem. This is exactly why puzzles help improve your critical thinking ability. You learn patience, determination as well as the tactic to break big and complex problems into small, easily solvable portions. Once the puzzle is solved,

Impact your social skills

Many Puzzle Games online or on your mobiles include an option to play with a partner. This enhances your social skills too. Interacting with people and playing a game together helps you make new friends and meet new people with similar likings and a passion for puzzles!

Puzzles for improving productivity

Many times routines get boring and boring routines tend to get stressful. Stress reduces productivity. Well, taking a break once in a while and playing a round of a word game on your cell phone, could be a good refresher. You can return back to your work – refreshed and full of energy. This helps you work with greater zeal and ultimately improves your productivity.

Generally, mobile games or puzzles are seen as a means of entertainment. This is not entirely false. Of course mobile games and puzzles are entertaining, but they have a brighter side to them too. They can be equally educational and help build a host of other skills too.

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GuezzIt: Have a little fun with guessing the right words – and learn on the way!

App games have caught the world’s imagination. They are fun, they are convenient, and they are everywhere. A new app is added to the list of gaming apps regularly and each has its own unique features. Each also has its dedicated clientele too.  Free Guessing Game Apps are the most popular among this category. Easily available and easy to download, they have flooded cyber space.

Universal acceptance of word games

Word Guessing Game are very popular. They cater to many groups: to novice learners bent on improving vocabulary and getting a grip on a language, to aspiring wordsmiths, and logophiles out to challenge their knowledge and intent on practicing their skill, or to those out for some fun time alone or with friends and family. They work well as pastime for people bored and waiting at airports. They are good to keep children engaged and happy during long drives and journeys. They break the monotony of a daily commute. They also add zest to a friendly gathering.

The GuezzIt advantage

GuezzIt provides an ideal mix of fun, challenge, and learning experience. This word game adapts to all levels and situations easily the more you play the game the more interesting and fun you find it. So the game remains an all time favorite for its many users.

GuezzIt combines a test of imagination, quick and out of the box thinking to give you a new and exciting experience. Every time you play the game you find it different and refreshing.

How to play

word-guessing-gameGuezzIt’s simple game format makes it easy to play. There are two sections to choose from, words or places. You are given picture prompts for words and places. All you need to do is to identify the correct word or place associated with the picture. GuezzIt offers you several levels of play and within these levels there are hundreds of stages. This offers you a continuous gaming experience you are sure to enjoy.  You can type in the word if you know the answer, ask for a hint if you are not too sure, and skip the picture when you do not want to guess at all. All the options are open to you.

Other Features

GuezzIt allows you to share your success on social networking sites such as Face Book. Go ahead and flaunt your expertise and challenge friends to meet your standards. While you do so, you earn a valuable 50 points. Play more and earn more points for yourself. The app promises to add more features soon to make your gaming experience even richer.

Word Guessing GameThis app is simply enough for users of all ages. The free guessing game app is available on Android app store, Apple IOS app store and on Play Face book app. Take your pick and download it now to give yourself a gaming experience with GuezzIt. Enjoy, learn, compete, bond, and as you play become a master wordsmith.

You can download this game on your AndroidsiPhones or even play it on Facebook.

GuezzIt – the amazing word guessing game!

Physical workouts develop the body. They build muscle mass and develop abs. A well developed physic is admired as well as desired. In the same way, the brain needs to be exercised to develop it, make it sharper and more equipped to deal with difficult problems. The brain is like a knife. The more it is used the sharper it becomes. The GuezzIt mobile app is an excellent way to exercise your brain.download

Word Guessing Games has been popular for a long time Guezzit brings this popular game to your smart phones. You can carry it with you wherever you go. You are free to turn to it whenever you want a break.

Guezzit mobile app is compatible with both iPhones and Android systems. This word game is simple, yet interesting. It can be played at any age and at any time.  This single player game is a challenge to your intellect. Its simplicity is unique.

You can play the game at three levels: the beginners or first level is the simplest, the second level is more advanced and the third level is the most difficult one. You select your level according to your level of confidence or your inclination at the moment of play.

It is usual to think of mobile app games such as Guezzit as good for leisure time activity. You may think that you will only play it to while away time when you have nothing more to do. The Guezzit is more than a leisure time activity. It can be your vocabulary builder or a way to practice and develop your analytical and lateral thinking ability.

Guezz It - Game

You can play this guessing game using pictures of names or places. All of you who love to brainstorm or enjoy solving puzzles will surely be fascinated with this guessing game.

The game structure is simple. You are shown a picture and hints are given regarding that picture. All you need to do is to guess the correct word depicted by the picture.

This is a fun game for sure, yet it teases your brain. This dual nature of the game is its major attraction for players. The game relaxes you with its fun component and at the same time it stimulates and exercises your brain.

Regular players have testified to the amazing effects of this game. Players of all ages have enjoyed the game thoroughly.

New games are added to the app regularly. These include such innovations as combining words to form a new one and guessing a common and linked word from two pictures.

You can use the game as competition among friends or as a group game although it is played by single person at a time.  Make the game time bound. Play to see which player scores the highest in the shortest time.

With so many reasons to download the game and play it, that you will want to get started right now.

You can download this game on your AndroidsiPhones or even play it on Facebook.


GuezzIt – A Fun Way To Improve Vocabulary

Mobile games are looked upon as something to do in your leisure times. Many do not take these games seriously. Some even think of them as a waste of time! Well, there are some games that are not only fun, but also provide opportunities for learning. Some forms of digital games are also known to have relaxing psychological effects on us. Well, if you just love mobile games, here is one such mobile game that will definitely interest you.

Word Guessing GameIf you have been a fan of word games, here’s a new way to play word games!

GuezzIt is a Word Guessing Game. It has the power to help you improve your vocabulary, work your brains by providing challenges and to help you relax and unwind.

Dictionaries and reading books are the known and proven ways to improve vocabulary. But let’s face it – dictionaries are boring and reading books requires a lot of patience! However, what if you can improve your vocabulary by playing a mobile game? Sounds fun? Well, GuezzIt is a mobile word guessing game that helps you ‘play and learn’. GuezzIt presents you with four images which you need to observe, find similarities and guess the right word!

So each time you guess a word, you get points you can move to the next stage.

Well, this game is also known to improve your concentration, thinking capacity and it truly exercises your brains! Your puzzle solving abilities and quick thinking are put to test.

The game is gripping and you do not put it down until you have guessed the word! It helps build persistence and concentration too!

Who said mobile games were not good? Mobile games have a lot to offer! Other than the fun part, they subconsciously help develop many other attributes of our character. That’s exactly why they are so popular these days!

Now you can download it by the Play Store of Android and App Store of iPhone,iPad.

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Mobile Gaming App Development: Choosing The Right Platform

With the help of constant inventions in technology and advancements in the existing platforms, it is quite confusing for mobile app developers and mobile gaming app developers to make a selection of the development platform for their gaming application. While planning, mobile developers first need to decide on which platform they want to deploy n their application. Either it may be Android mobile application or iOS mobile application. There are many app stores available in the market, but Google Play Store and App Stores are two most widely used app stores.

Below are few tips which will help mobile app developers to make a selection of their development platform:

right platformFeatures of your gaming application
It is very important for any gaming app developer to make a list of features that he wants to implement in his mobile gaming application. In this way it will be easy for him to follow the list of features and implement each of them into his Android or iOS mobile app.

Analyze user behaviour
Any mobile app developer should spend some time in understanding user behaviour towards mobile applications. For any mobile application, it is a must to have attractive and interactive user interface! If you want your application to be one of the most famous apps on app store, then you have to implement all the features and avoid each issue in your mobile application.

Fix one budget and follow it
The budget for any mobile application development includes each expense till deployment of that application on the app store. It is quite difficult to strictly follow defined app development budget for any developer, but they should try to follow up.

game-developmentDefined development time
It is also necessary for mobile app developers to define a timeline for their mobile app development and deployment. An approximated time should be implemented and they should try to meet deadlines.

Application maintenance
Maintenance of your mobile app is also one of the most important aspects for any mobile application. Once the application is live on the store, then it is necessary to update it on a regular basis by adding new features and making it functional successfully. To keep on holding into mobile app stores, it is very much important to keep on updating your mobile application.

Once your mobile application is developed, you should always check for its functionality and performance too. If you have developed your application on multiple platforms like Android and iOS then the features and interface for every platforms should be similar.

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Puzzles: How It Can be Helpful in Childhood Development

Puzzles are games for the mind and for brain development, they are widely known for development of your knowledge with a great fun and enjoyment. Puzzles are proven sources of knowledge for children and enables you to make them familiar with new words present in the real world. It also helps to increase vocabulary of kids on a daily basis, that too in an exciting manner.

Puzzle gaming apps have many types and categories, developed targeting different age groups and interest area of users. Children usually should start with the applications which will help them to learn basic things like numbers, alphabets, colors or shapes. There are a number of gaming applications available on the app store and Google play store which will help them out for same.  Also there is a wide range of jigsaw puzzle apps available in the store, for both Android and iOS devices.

Puzzles can be beneficial for your kids in many ways like…

  • They learn to be calm and have patience until the puzzle is solved
  • Problem solving for particular puzzle task or stage
  • Quick decision making skill enhancement
  • Understanding of basic things

These are the basic skills that can be developed in your kid with the help of gaming applications. People are getting smarter with the era of smart phones and this is affecting on the new generation too. Kinds are more into gadgets and smart phones then the traditional games. Technology has transformed all the games into digital forms, which is grabbing more and more users towards it as per their interest areas.guezzit game

Games like chess or snake andladder are available on the app store in the form of mobile application; users can download it and start playing it anytime and anywhere. Also these applications are making them independent for playing, they are not dependent on any other player to come and join them for playing, simply they can play with the computer player, which is available for playing anytime.

Also there is a range of outdoor games available on the application store of both Android games and iOS games.  These are the games with a great user interface and graphics, which conveys great fun and joy while playing. These types of applications also have a facility of letting the players compete to other players from different regions and countries. This way it brings more excitement for players to win and cheer.

Now Guezz It is for both users Android as well as iOS. Android user can download it from Play Stores and iOS user can download it from App Store.

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