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GuezzIt – A Smart Game for Everyone!

I seem to not get enough of these puzzle games on my Smartphone. They are like just the right kind of Smartphone game as you can pick them up and play anywhere, but you can still put them down when needed. One of the best parts is that they keep the mind stimulated and alert to things around and help us build up the analytical side of our brain. I generally have a lot of puzzle games on my phone and I am always on the lookout for a new one to play. This is where Guezz It comes in.

GuezzIt has the most basic visuals you could possibly imagine. It’s so uncomplicated and basic that pretty much anyone gets addicted to it once they get a hang of it. Well, as far as the designs are concerned I have always been fond of minimal design, so I like the style of the game. The animations are smooth and fluid; there is no soundtrack to this game, though there are cool sound effects when you get the correct answer. The game play consists of clues to a word, place or even a new section to combine words, and you need to guess the right word. GuezzIt, like other puzzle games, is based on levels that are further divided into three different levels of difficulty. Though, you have to go through all of the levels on each difficulty level in order to progress, so you can’t just start off with the “Hard” before the “Easy” level. The overall game play can be explained in the following way

Guezz It

  • There are four modes to play the game. These are:
      • Guess the word
      • Guess the place
      • Combine Word
      • Daily Contest

    The first step in the game is to choose any of these above modes that you wish to play; once you select any one of the modes, you are redirected to the next step.

  • As mentioned previously, “GuezzIt” is based on stages that you must clear before moving on to the next. At the moment, there are 100 levels to solve and qualify for the next level for the first two modes. The Combine Word and Daily Contest options are available as a free play without any stages.
  • For the first two modes there will be four pictures shown and each of them would be a hint to guess the correct word or place. If you find it really difficult to answer the question, you can always use hint or tap/click on skip button.

GuezzIt starts off with 250 coins and helps you gain more as you clear the levels. Though GuezzIt also has some in-app purchases which help you go pro, which brings with it added incentives like no advertisements, bonus coins and access to all levels.

GuezzIt is a fun game, especially for the puzzle lovers. And with more new levels and daily contests declared by the developer the excitement to it just builds up. So, what are you waiting for? Go to Google play store or iTunes app store, download the game and start playing!


GuezzIt – You Will Love IT!

Let me guess, the name GuezzIt has proved to be extremely impressive and it has drawn you here to read the review. You must be fond of the brain and word power games or else the ones that include guessing. If you have always been fond of the general knowledge games or the brainstorming riddles and puzzles, this game is going to be fun. Are you the one who used to be always excited about answering first in the class? Does happiness mean giving the right answer for you? If the answers to both the questions are yes, this game would be extremely interesting for you.

banner-1This is all about facing challenges and storming your mind to guess the right word. Oh yes, as the name suggests, GuezzIt is all about guessing the right word and it checks your guessing power as well as general knowledge. Alright, no more suspense! Let us discuss about the game now. Well, we shall talk here about the features of the game as well as the rules. Moreover, you will come across the step by step process, which will help you know how to play game. If you are interested to know about all these, keep reading…

Well, Guezz It is one of those typical games that are a little tricky, yet interesting. But, this is no bad news for you, as you are always up to face the challenges, yeah? The game is fun, so you can play it while you are bored. Also, you can play it with your friends and family. The best thing is that, you will get to check out each other’s knowledge and guessing power. Well, without wasting any more time, let us come to the step by step process of game and some of the most important features and rules.

Step 1: Select the game you want to play

Select the game you want to play; it can be either guessing the right word or guessing the right place.

Step 2: Choose the level of difficulty

Select the difficulty level: Easy, Medium or Hard.

Once you clear 100 stages of one level, you can switch to the next level. Only extra coins can let you skip stages.

Step 3: Select the stage you want to play

All the levels have unlimited stages, so you can keep playing endlessly, the stage which you like the most.

Step 4: Start playing

Try to guess the right word from the given pictures and use hint if it becomes tough to guess. You can also skip the question.

Now that you are aware of all the four stages of the games, you would love to know that you can also get bonus coins in the game. Apart from that, the best thing is that there will be no advertisement pop ups to distract you when you are playing, so you can keep playing without getting annoyed. So, then without wasting any time, download the game as soon as possible from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start playing.

GuezzIt – to test your guessing power!

If you are extremely fond of those typical guessing games or general knowledge games, this one is going to be extremely interesting for you. If you have always been keen on solving puzzles and riddles, you are going to love this game. If you belong to those category of people who are always eager to solve puzzles and then be extremely happy about guessing it right, this game is definitely made for you. If you like facing challenges and solving brainstorming puzzles, you are at the place to be and GuezzIt is going to be fun! Oh yes, the name of the game is GuezzIt and as the names suggests, it is a guessing game to check your guessing power.

Now, no rounding about the bush and no more suspense! We will straight away jump to discuss the features of the game, rules of the game and how to play it step by step. At the end of this post, you might also be interested in knowing about the future plans of the game. So, to know all these things, keep reading…

GuezzIt is one of those typical games, which might be a little tricky and brainstorming. No matter how much you are fond of such games, it can be a little difficult and challenging for you, but that’s what you like, yeah? Well, this game is fun when you are alone and getting bored. However, you can play it with friends and family too, to check each other’s general knowledge and compete, when it comes to guessing power.

Well, without going off track, let us come to the point and discuss how to play this game step by step along with some of its important rules which you must know and some interesting features as well.

services-1Step 1: Choose the game that you would like to play

All you need to do is select the game that you want to play as per your choice and mood. You can either play guessing the right place or the right word.

Step 2: Select the difficulty level

Like any other game, GuezzIt too has got three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.

You can go to the next level, only after you clear 100 stages of a level. Well, if you want to skip stages, you must purchase extra coins.

Step 3: choose the stage which you want to play

Well, each level is not limited to 100 stages. Each level has got unlimited stages. So, if you become a fan of a particular level, you can stick to that and play endlessly for the same level.

Step 4: Begin to play

You must try to guess the right word from the pictures given. You can either make the use of hint or skip the question, if it is gets too difficult.

The best thing about the game is that, you get the bonus coins. In addition to that, there will be no distractions through advertisements, so there is nothing to get annoyed and this can be real fun. So, what are you waiting for? Go to Google play store or iTunes app store, download the game and start playing!

Sharpen Your General Knowledge Skills With Guezz It!

Do you always get excited when it comes to General Knowledge quiz or guessing games? Do you love solving riddles and puzzles? Do you feel over confident about yourselves and get on to the next level when you are able to answer right to all the questions? Do you love brainstorming and word games? If you have answered ‘yes’ to most of the questions that are asked above, you have undoubtedly landed upon the right page and you are going to love this game for sure.

The game is all about guessing the right word. It is easy, yet interesting! It is fun, yet brainstorming! It is simple, yet tricky! Yes, the game is called Guezz It; where you have to guess it up! It is one of the most interesting games for the ones who like to check their general knowledge as well as guessing power.

Alright! Now, enough of the suspense! You would be extremely excited know how to play it. So, let us discuss about the procedure, rules and features of the most interesting word guessing game ever! Let us go step by step so that you get a clear picture as to ‘How to Play’…

Guezz It - GameStep 1: Choose the game

The first step is to choose the game that you would like to play; whether you want to play choosing a word or choosing a place. Once you select the game, you can go to Step 2.

Step 2: Select the level of difficulty

Like any other random game, there would be three basic levels of difficulty: Easy, medium and Hard. You will have to clear 100 easy levels to get qualified for the medium level. In the same way, you must play 100 medium levels, if you want to switch to hard level. However, you can jump to any level if you purchase extra coins.

Step 3: Select the stage

There are 100s of stages for each level, so that you can practically play endlessly, without any interruption.

Step 4: Start playing

You will get the pictures and each of them would be a hint to guess the correct word. All you have to do is start typing from the keyboard as you guess. You can always use hint or tap/click on skip button, if you find it really difficult to answer the question.

Let us talk about some of the most amazing features of the game. One of the most annoying things for the app users and gamers is the advertisement pop ups. One of the best things about this game is that, unlike other games, there are no advertisements pop ups to create hindrance and disturbance during the game. In addition to that, you get 500 bonus coins and get access to all the new levels.

In near future, the game would also have the riddles and questions in addition to the word guessing. Apart from that, the ‘group play’ feature is going to get introduced to let you play this game with your friends and siblings to double the joy and fun!

Of course you would want to download it and start playing now. How obvious is that! Of course, it is available on Google Play Store as well as on iTunes. In addition to that, you can also play it through your Facebook account.

So, stop wondering, pick up your phone, download it and start playing! All the best!

Download Guezz It for Android at  – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.guezzit and for iPhone at – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/guezz-it/id777483080?ls=1&mt=8

Guezz It – How good are you at Guessing?

There’s no doubt that mobile games have their own space in our lives. Almost all smartphone users have at least a game or two that is played regularly. Whether users play it for passing away time or are among those who are into serious gaming, mobile games are one means to look away from routine stress and unwind. Well, there are many types of games – some are educational, some that require quick wit and some that have great graphics and action.

Guezz It - Word Guessing GameFrom Crosswords to Scrabble and Now Guezz It!

Word games have always been very popular – right from the times of Crosswords and scrabble. Word games seem simple but really put you to test. Guezz It is one such word game of the new generation. It not only tests your vocabulary, but also puts your guessing powers to test. It can be played in two different ways. You can either guess a word or you can guess the name of a place. Other than this, there are a number of interesting features for Daily Contests etc.

What and How?

Guezz It was built for all age groups and can be played by anyone. That’s the reason it has three different levels defined – Easy, Medium and Hard. You can select what level you want to play right at the beginning of the game. Each level has more than 100 stages and you need to guess one stage correctly to unlock the next one. The complexity of the word that you guess also increases with the stages you cross. You will be presented with four images as clues to the word you want to guess. These images have something in common. You need to locate the exact similarity between these images and that’s your word! Each correct guess earns you some gold coins (virtual). Sounds simple – but it gets challenging as you move on from one stage to another.

Hints and More

The good part is that when you get stuck at a particular stage, you need not abandon the game. Nor does it readily provide you the answer. You can take a hint. Every hint you take, you will have to part with some of you already earned coins.

Guezz It can be really addictive. You can keep guessing for hours and still not want to put it down! With every correct guess, it’s natural instinct to try more and more. With every stage you cross, you are curious to unlock the next one! You can download it on your Android, iPhones, iPads and even play it on Facebook! For further information and quick download, click here for Androidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.guezzit, for iPhonehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/guezz-it/id777483080?ls=1&mt=8

Guezz It – it’s fun and it’s brainy!

For those mobile games enthusiasts especially word games, here’s something new – a word guessing game. Guezz It is a new age word guessing game that is fun to play and challenging enough to interest your brains. The game seems fairly simple, but once you get started, you cannot just put it down.

What is it and how to play it

Guezz It is a mobile game that can be enjoyed by one and all. It is ageless. Children as well as adults can enjoy it equally. The central idea revolves around looking for similarities in the clues given and identifying what the word is (or the place is). The game begins with selection between three different levels – easy, medium and hard. You select the level and each level has over hundred stages to complete. When you tap on the first stage, you will be given a choice to find the similarity between four different images. The similarity is the clue to the word that you are looking for.

Guezz It for iPhone Guezz It for Android

There’s a prize for every correct guess. You get a gold coin – a virtual one of course! This game also offers hints for those who are unable to cross one stage. Well, if you avail a hint to guess a word, you need to part with some of the earned coins. Once you have completed all the stages you can go over to the next level.

It’s fun and it’s brainy

Some games are for fun and some games are for the brainy. Some games captivate you with awesome graphics and some others are light leisure. Well, Guezz It has it all covered. You get to brainstorm and you get easy guesses. You get great graphics too. Guezz It can be played at your leisure time and can really help you unwind.

It’s truly said that mobile games can be great stress busters – better than any other methods. When you are tired and back from a day’s work, you can relax and unwind with a round of Guezz It. It’s refreshing and places you in a totally different world for some time – and not to mention the joy of winning that it brings!

Guezz It Mobile Word Guessing Game for You and Your Children

Guezz It - Download for iPhone and AndroidGames are fun – at all times and all ages. The only transition games have gone through is, that the games have become more and more digital these days. You enjoyed a simple word game called crossword puzzle on a piece of paper, today you have a digital version of the game right on your mobile phone. Mobile games have increased in popularity within the last few years and yet today, the good old word games are still popular with a tinge of modernization. Digital word guessing games like Guezz It have quickly captured user attention and are popular in the mobile world today.

Guezz It – For those Who Love Playing with Words

It used to be scrabble, to build words – now it is Guezz It to guess words depending on the given clues. For each word guessing round, you get four clues. These are presented to the user in the form of four different images and all you need to do is locate the similarity between the images and guess which word these images are pointing to. Type the correct spelling in the boxes given and you’ve got it!

Guezz It – For You and Your Children

Spending quality time with your children with a true educational experience is what every individual wishes. This is exactly why word guessing games could be a great value addition to your relationship with your children. “Playing” and “Learning” at the same time will give them the pleasure of learning and you the happiness of spending that time.

Guezz It – For Those Looking For Something Challenge

With those who love the thrill of accepting a challenge and winning, Guezz It could be very appeasing. Giving your brains a little brainstorming sessions every now and then could be a refreshing thing to do.
Games will always be the refuge for people who want something refreshing to do during their free time – to unwind and relax. Whether traditional or on the board or on a computer or mobile games – there will always be a set of people crazy about word games.

You just love word guessing games? Then Guezz It is for you! Download it to your android, iPhone or play it on Facebook here!