Guezz It – a New Age Word Guessing Game!

Word games are popular not merely for their simplicity. They are popular for how they pose a challenge and put your brains to work. How elite you feel when you get it right! Whether it is a simple crossword puzzle, or scrabble or a word guessing game like Guezz It, conquering all the levels and unlocking next levels of the game gives you a sense of pride and puts you on the top of the world!

Word and Picture Guessing Game

Guezz It is one such mobile game that can be a brain stormer, entertainer, a light hearted challenge or a reason to relax your mind. It’s simple to understand and play. Whether you are an Android fan or iPhone you can easily download and play this game. Well, this game can be played on Facebook as well.

It’s a well known fact that games – like computer games or mobile games are good to relieve your mind of some stress. It gives sharpens your brains, keeps your mind alert and gives your mind a break from thoughts of daily routine tasks.

Rules for Guezz It

Guezz It is a word guessing game. At the very beginning, you are presented with two options. You can either guess the name of a place or guess a word. Well, you are then presented with an option to select from three different levels of playing – “easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”. Well, each level has 100 stages. You can unlock the next level only by getting all right answers to the first level.

Here’s how the game works. You are presented with 4 images. Each image has something common with the others. You need to be very observant and pin point what exactly is common in the four images and that’s your word!

Same with places, you will be presented with four images containing clues to the name of a place. You need to guess the place based on clues.

You score points for every right answer in the form of virtual gold coins. If you feel you need some help there is an option to avail a hint. Every hint you take, you lose coins.

Try it out now! You can download Guezz It here for iPhone, Android or Play it of Facebook too!


Guezz It is for one and ALL! Ageless!

Word games are ageless. Guessing it right always puts you on the top of the world! Whether you are a child playing scrabble or completing a tough crossword – if you get it right you feel proud of yourself, and what else could be a better feeling than that!

Word and Picture Guessing GameGuezz It is a new approach to word games. Children of all ages and adults of all ages will thoroughly enjoy it. It provides users with clues and you need to analyze the similarities to guess the right word. It’s simple, yet challenging. It even puts your grey matter to test.

Whether you are a pro at word games or a beginner, you can test your skills and sharpen your brains or just enjoy the experience of a mobile game. Guezz It is for all!

Rules are simple:

When you tap on the icon for the game, you are presented with two options. Either you can guess a word based on four different clues, or you can guess the names of places based on four different clues. For every right answer you win points. The points are in the form of virtual coins. If you are stuck, guessing a word, you can always take a hint. Well, the hint comes at a cost – you will have to pay in terms of virtual coins.

The game has three different levels “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”. Each stage has 100 stages to complete. You can move on to the next level only by completing the previous one.

Word games relax your mind. They are genuine stress busters. You can enjoy one anytime, anywhere – while waiting for transport, waiting at a restaurant, or just leisurely sitting in the front porch of your house on a relaxing Sunday afternoon! It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s a challenge!

Download Guezz It now for Android and iPhone!

Guezz It – Play It! Experience It!

Guezz It - Game

Some play games for the “challenge” games offer, some play them just to put their brains to test and yet some others play mobile games to relax their mind, while there are some who play mobile games just to kill time. Well, whatever reason you have, you will just love GUEZZ IT!

Guezz It is for all those word game enthusiasts. You can download it from and it works with Android, iPhones as well as Facebook. It’s really simple to download and install it.

Guezz It for Android     Guezz It for iPhone     Guezz It for Facebook

The rules are simple: All you need to do is be a good guesser! The game comes with three different modes “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”. The one who is smart enough to make all the right guesses for all the 100 stages of the first stage can go to the next level. It’s addictive – you just cannot put it down.

How it works:

At the very beginning, you are given an option to select whether you want to guess words based on clues or guess places based on clues. You earn points whenever you guess the right word. If the word is right on the tip of your tongue, and for some reason you are stuck, Guezz It has an option for users to opt for a hint! Well, the hint does come at a cost though. You need to give up some of the coins that you collected with right guesses while you avail hints.

Relaxing, Fun and Interesting

Word games are popular for their simplicity combined with the advantage of relaxing the mind and giving your grey matter a good run! It is a known fact that mobile games are stress relievers – they are a great way to leave behind all the stress of a day’s work and just relax in a completely different world for a few minutes. Advantages of digital games range from relaxing to sharpening your mind!

Download Guezz it NOW! And experience the joy of words!