GuezzIt: Have a little fun with guessing the right words – and learn on the way!

App games have caught the world’s imagination. They are fun, they are convenient, and they are everywhere. A new app is added to the list of gaming apps regularly and each has its own unique features. Each also has its dedicated clientele too.  Free Guessing Game Apps are the most popular among this category. Easily available and easy to download, they have flooded cyber space.

Universal acceptance of word games

Word Guessing Game are very popular. They cater to many groups: to novice learners bent on improving vocabulary and getting a grip on a language, to aspiring wordsmiths, and logophiles out to challenge their knowledge and intent on practicing their skill, or to those out for some fun time alone or with friends and family. They work well as pastime for people bored and waiting at airports. They are good to keep children engaged and happy during long drives and journeys. They break the monotony of a daily commute. They also add zest to a friendly gathering.

The GuezzIt advantage

GuezzIt provides an ideal mix of fun, challenge, and learning experience. This word game adapts to all levels and situations easily the more you play the game the more interesting and fun you find it. So the game remains an all time favorite for its many users.

GuezzIt combines a test of imagination, quick and out of the box thinking to give you a new and exciting experience. Every time you play the game you find it different and refreshing.

How to play

word-guessing-gameGuezzIt’s simple game format makes it easy to play. There are two sections to choose from, words or places. You are given picture prompts for words and places. All you need to do is to identify the correct word or place associated with the picture. GuezzIt offers you several levels of play and within these levels there are hundreds of stages. This offers you a continuous gaming experience you are sure to enjoy.  You can type in the word if you know the answer, ask for a hint if you are not too sure, and skip the picture when you do not want to guess at all. All the options are open to you.

Other Features

GuezzIt allows you to share your success on social networking sites such as Face Book. Go ahead and flaunt your expertise and challenge friends to meet your standards. While you do so, you earn a valuable 50 points. Play more and earn more points for yourself. The app promises to add more features soon to make your gaming experience even richer.

Word Guessing GameThis app is simply enough for users of all ages. The free guessing game app is available on Android app store, Apple IOS app store and on Play Face book app. Take your pick and download it now to give yourself a gaming experience with GuezzIt. Enjoy, learn, compete, bond, and as you play become a master wordsmith.

You can download this game on your AndroidsiPhones or even play it on Facebook.