Addicted to word guessing games? Here’s a super one!

Let’s face it – mobile games are engaging, interesting and sometimes even addictive. For your hand held devices, people generally prefer light games that are quick and refreshing. Hence, games that you can play in your leisure times or games that you can play when you want a quick break are getting more and more popular these days. Among these types of games are word- guessing games. These games are quick, refreshing, challenging and engaging at the same time!

While word games have been popular ever since the times of ‘crossword puzzles’, word guessing games are making a new mark over the internet, social media and on mobile phones. The main reason for the popularity of these games is that they have an added element of surprise and pose a new challenge with each new level you cross and each new stage you reach.

The Game
GuezzIt is one such game that provides you with the right amount of fun, entertainment, knowledge and challenge. The game presents you with four images that have some similarity and something in common. The word you are looking for is the hidden clue in each of the four images. Once you spot the similarity, you need to type in the word. If you ‘Guess It’ right, you win and are taken straight to the next level. As your levels increase, the game poses greater difficulty in guessing the word and the clues become really hard.  You gather coins for the right answers and lose coins for every hint you take on the way! That’s the challenge – it truly tests your vocabulary and your attention to detail so that you can guess the right word!


GuezzIt is for one and all!
The good part is that word games are timeless and ageless! They never get out of style and are never bound to any particular age. Adults enjoy it as much as kids do. All enjoy the thrill and the extreme happiness of winning!

GuezzIt can be played on your Androids or iPhones and on Facebook too. If you are a word games fan and are looking for something new and interesting to do this weekend, download the game today and begin a whole new journey of discovering words and solving challenging puzzles!