GuezzIt – Banish Boredom, Play, Learn and Have Fun!

Banishing boredom or stress relief or pure fun – whatever your reason is, word games always come to the rescue! From the beginning of language, word games have always been popular. Whether it is spelling games, spelling contests or the most recent word guessing games, these games manage to entertain you and take you to a whole new world for a little while – thus banishing boredom and relieving stress.

Well, those are not the only reasons why word games are popular. Word games are popular because they provide you with learning as well as gaming experiences. GuezzIt is one such word guessing game that can be great fun and challenging at the same time.

Here’s how

Vocabulary & Spellings
This is the very first and quite obvious reason. Word games indirectly or directly force you to work on your vocabulary and spellings. Some people even used them as an aid to improving their spellings and vocabulary. While it keeps you engaged with guessing the words right, you subconsciously learn the right word and its spelling. The next time you use that word in a sentence, you will find that you remember the spelling perfectly!

word guessing game

Brain Workout
Solving puzzles is a great exercise for the brain. It is proven by research that this kind of activity improves certain functions of the brain and you stay away from a number of mental disorders. Whether you are twenty years old, ten or sixty, word games can be a great addition to your daily stress busters – you learn on the way too!

Once you begin a game, you do not put your phone down until it’s complete. These kinds of games help you improve your concentration. They engage you and force you to concentrate. The gradual increase in the difficultly levels challenges your brain power and influences your mind to not give up until you win!

Word guessing games have become very popular and why not – they have their advantages too!

You can download this game on your Androids, iPhones or even play it on Facebook.