GuezzIt Can Empower Your Word Skills Along With A Lot Of Other Skills!

Playing with words is the key to all professions – whether you are a marketing professional, lawyer or a sports coach. You need ‘words’ for expression. This is why you should have a good vocabulary of words. Who said vocabulary is only for a writer or a literary professional? Even if you are an engineer or a doctor you will need the right words out of your mouth when you are negotiating or talking to patients! Well, guess what! You can develop word skills by actually playing word games! The traditional crossword puzzle or scrabble was good enough, but today’s new age people want new age games!

GuezzIt is one such new age game that helps you build your word power. And a lot of other skills:

Word Skills
GuezzIt offers you four different images. You need to look at those images and find what is common. That’s the word you are looking for. You can never think of just one word. You will think of at least 3 -4 words that match the description. Your word skills will definitely improve. You get to know 3 -4 words of similar meaning.

Speaking skills
Playing with words and their meanings can help you indirectly too. You will realize that if you ever take a hint for guessing a word, you will remember it better. And if the word is new, you will also try to use it the next time you create a sentence. Well, this is human nature! Your speaking automatically improves.


Thinking out of the box
Each time your grey cells are put to test. You are forced to look beyond the obvious and think of words that are very common but not very obvious. This helps you develop your thinking out of the box skills. T

Spelling power
The game forces you to spell the word you guessed correctly too. Your spellings thus improve a lot! And all this is done without the burden of learning the spellings alphabet by alphabet! You can easily ‘play and learn along’!

Winning spirit
Guessing the right word and winning puts you on the top of the world! It builds happiness and a winning spirit in us!

You can download this game on your Androids, iPhones or even play it on Facebook.