Puzzles: How It Can be Helpful in Childhood Development

Puzzles are games for the mind and for brain development, they are widely known for development of your knowledge with a great fun and enjoyment. Puzzles are proven sources of knowledge for children and enables you to make them familiar with new words present in the real world. It also helps to increase vocabulary of kids on a daily basis, that too in an exciting manner.

Puzzle gaming apps have many types and categories, developed targeting different age groups and interest area of users. Children usually should start with the applications which will help them to learn basic things like numbers, alphabets, colors or shapes. There are a number of gaming applications available on the app store and Google play store which will help them out for same.  Also there is a wide range of jigsaw puzzle apps available in the store, for both Android and iOS devices.

Puzzles can be beneficial for your kids in many ways like…

  • They learn to be calm and have patience until the puzzle is solved
  • Problem solving for particular puzzle task or stage
  • Quick decision making skill enhancement
  • Understanding of basic things

These are the basic skills that can be developed in your kid with the help of gaming applications. People are getting smarter with the era of smart phones and this is affecting on the new generation too. Kinds are more into gadgets and smart phones then the traditional games. Technology has transformed all the games into digital forms, which is grabbing more and more users towards it as per their interest areas.guezzit game

Games like chess or snake andladder are available on the app store in the form of mobile application; users can download it and start playing it anytime and anywhere. Also these applications are making them independent for playing, they are not dependent on any other player to come and join them for playing, simply they can play with the computer player, which is available for playing anytime.

Also there is a range of outdoor games available on the application store of both Android games and iOS games.  These are the games with a great user interface and graphics, which conveys great fun and joy while playing. These types of applications also have a facility of letting the players compete to other players from different regions and countries. This way it brings more excitement for players to win and cheer.

Now Guezz It is for both users Android as well as iOS. Android user can download it from Play Stores and iOS user can download it from App Store.

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Puzzles: An Advance Shape of Gaming Applications

Puzzles are a traditional gaming type, which has its existence since very long in the world of games. These traditional games have now convert editor mobile applications. Some of the most famous puzzle games that are converted into mobile applications are jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles. These classic games have smoothly transformed into android and iOS mobile game applications and online gaming applications.

With mobile gaming apps, users can play them from anywhere at any time, as they are not dependent on someone else to play or be a partner of their game. The number of gaming applications on mobile app stores and on web store too, is increasing rapidly because of the advancement in technology and smart mobile devices.

cropped-guezz-it-twitter1Puzzle games vary from their types. Few of them are spelling and vocabulary based, whereas some of them are developed based on images. Puzzle games also have a range of types from where they are different from each other. Here are some of them:

Action puzzles are those problems solving task in which user is supposed to solve a puzzle in a particular time boundary depending on the level of the game. With the help of internet connection facility, users can also play a number of games on their laptops or computers.

GuezzIt is also one of those gaming applications, which users can use for brain storming and increase their vocabulary with its wide range of words and its different ways of representation to users. It is available for both android and iOS devices, so there is no platform limitation for users to get started with it. Also if a user does not have a smart device, then he can start playing it on Facebook too.

Thus this interesting game has no limitation for users to start exploring knowledge. Also it has a set of phases, which users can select before starting playing. GuezzIt also grabs interest of each age-group, anyone can simply play it and move forward towards next stages.

Now Guezz It is for both users Android as well as iOS. Android user can download it from Play Stores and iOS user can download it from App Store.

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