Experience The New Age Word Game – GUEZZIT!

Guezzit is just the apt name for this game; it is short, catchy and just like the game keeps you guessing what may be in store for you next. Guezzit mobile application for android and iPhone is a guessing game, the game play of which involves clues to a word;place and all you need to do is to guess the right word. Now with the added popularity, Guezzit now also has a section to combine word sand also one for a daily contest to guess the right word.


It is a perfect way of biding time; it can be while waiting for that never arriving bus or on that long arduous journey in a delayed flight or even waiting for partner to get ready for that dinner party. The tough levels and the puzzle lover within you will get glued onto the game in no time.

  • Graphics

It’s so uncomplicated and straightforwardthat pretty much anyone gets hooked to it once they get a hang of it. GuezzIt has the most directgraphics you could possibly visualize. I personally like the minimalistic style of the game comprising of a smooth and fluid gameplay. The graphics and images are so simple that even kids can get easily hooked onto the game.

  • Levels

At the moment, there are 100 levels to solve and qualify for the next level for the first two modes i.e. the “Guess the word” and “Guess the Place”, whereas “The Combine Word” and “Daily Contest” are available as free play without any stages. Each of the phases must be successfully completed before moving on to the next. For the first two modes there will befour pictures shown and each of them would be a hint to guess the correct word or place. If you find it really difficult to answer the question, you can always use hint or tap/click on skip button.

Guezz It

  • User Experience

The gameplay and user interfaces are self-explanatory and simple that anybody can play it without actually having to look into the Help section. This helps you get straight headlong into the action of solving the puzzles instead of going through each and every instruction in the tutorial.

  • Coins

GuezzIt starts off with 250 coins and helps you advance more as you clear the levels. Though GuezzIt also has some in-app purchases which help you go pro, which brings with it added encouragements like no advertisements, bonus coins and access to all levels on an immediate basis.

Now you can download it by the Play Store of Android and App Store of iPhone,iPad.

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