GuezzIt – A Smart Game for Everyone!

I seem to not get enough of these puzzle games on my Smartphone. They are like just the right kind of Smartphone game as you can pick them up and play anywhere, but you can still put them down when needed. One of the best parts is that they keep the mind stimulated and alert to things around and help us build up the analytical side of our brain. I generally have a lot of puzzle games on my phone and I am always on the lookout for a new one to play. This is where Guezz It comes in.

GuezzIt has the most basic visuals you could possibly imagine. It’s so uncomplicated and basic that pretty much anyone gets addicted to it once they get a hang of it. Well, as far as the designs are concerned I have always been fond of minimal design, so I like the style of the game. The animations are smooth and fluid; there is no soundtrack to this game, though there are cool sound effects when you get the correct answer. The game play consists of clues to a word, place or even a new section to combine words, and you need to guess the right word. GuezzIt, like other puzzle games, is based on levels that are further divided into three different levels of difficulty. Though, you have to go through all of the levels on each difficulty level in order to progress, so you can’t just start off with the “Hard” before the “Easy” level. The overall game play can be explained in the following way

Guezz It

  • There are four modes to play the game. These are:
      • Guess the word
      • Guess the place
      • Combine Word
      • Daily Contest

    The first step in the game is to choose any of these above modes that you wish to play; once you select any one of the modes, you are redirected to the next step.

  • As mentioned previously, “GuezzIt” is based on stages that you must clear before moving on to the next. At the moment, there are 100 levels to solve and qualify for the next level for the first two modes. The Combine Word and Daily Contest options are available as a free play without any stages.
  • For the first two modes there will be four pictures shown and each of them would be a hint to guess the correct word or place. If you find it really difficult to answer the question, you can always use hint or tap/click on skip button.

GuezzIt starts off with 250 coins and helps you gain more as you clear the levels. Though GuezzIt also has some in-app purchases which help you go pro, which brings with it added incentives like no advertisements, bonus coins and access to all levels.

GuezzIt is a fun game, especially for the puzzle lovers. And with more new levels and daily contests declared by the developer the excitement to it just builds up. So, what are you waiting for? Go to Google play store or iTunes app store, download the game and start playing!