GuezzIt – A Guessing Game with a Difference

Mobile games are addictive. Whether they are simple or complicated, plain or action packed, easy or brainy – they always manage to give you a great time. Its human nature to never give up and its human nature to be inquisitive about what the next ‘level’ of the game is. The more the challenge in it, the more we want to win! The more the obstacles, the more we want to rise above them and get to the end of the game. This is what is common in all games – whether in real life, on a computer or on a mobile.

Well, if you are a mobile game enthusiast, you would have tried a lot of word games. Here’s something new – a word guessing game! Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned word game player – you are going to love GuezzIt!


GuezzIt is a one of its kind word guessing game. It offers players with the right kind of challenge to satisfy their urge to win and also acts as a stress buster for those who play for the fun of it. Well, it’s a complete package of fun and wit that is meant to give you those few moments when you are totally lost in something.

GuezzIt is a word guessing game that presents you with three different levels of difficulty. You can select from easy, medium and hard levels. Each level has several stages. At each stage, you will be presented with for images that have certain similarity. This similarity between the images is the clue you are looking for in guessing the right word. These images could be directly the clue or could imply a particular word. Once you guess the right word, you unlock the next stage. Well, every right guess also earns you some gold coins – virtual of course!

If you are stuck at a particular word, you have the facility to take a hint. Every hint you take, you will have to part with some of your gold coins. So, make sure that your right answers are more than the hints you take!

Other than these, you can see many new features added to this app since its launch. You get daily quizzes too.  You can earn a few extra coins by answering the daily quiz questions correctly.

The good news is that this app is available on Androids as well as iPhones. You can also play it on Facebook and enjoy it on the web. It’s free to download and play. You can download it from app store or Play Store easily.

GuezzIt is an all in one package that engages players in a maze of words and clues and totally puts their grey cells to test. For those who have always loved word games like crosswords and scrabble, GuezzIt is refreshing with a new outlook and for those who are trying their hand at word games for the first time, you have started with the right game – you will surely love it!

Download Guezz It for Android at  – and for iPhone at –


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