GuezzIt – The Word Game You Have Been Waiting For!

Mobile games are popular for a reason. They take you to a completely different world away from all the daily stress! There are games of all types. Action games, fun games, character games, word games and the all new word guessing games! Word guessing games joined the league very late but have gained popularity faster than all others. These are games that are do not take up too much of your time and yet are fun to play on the go! They are a mix and match of fun, challenge, brains, wit and sheer enjoyment!

GuezzIt is one such game. It looks like a really simple word guessing game, but as you play it and move forward in the various levels you realize, that it’s got all the challenge and all the fun you require from a game! It’s got simple rules and that’s what makes it so popular – no complicated instructions and no waiting for instructions.


At the very beginning, it provides you with an option to select the level you would like to play – easy, medium or hard. You can select the one you feel comfortable playing. If you have great confidence in your word power and guessing skills go ahead with the difficult levels! Well, you can start with the easy level to get a hang of the game. Each level has more than hundred stages and to unlock one stage you need to successfully guess the previous one.

Every correct guess gives you points in the form of virtual gold coins. You need to collect maximum gold coins by the end of the game. Well, what if you are stuck at a certain level? The game has provision for that too!  You can avail a hint and you will get help in guessing the word. But be aware, every hint you take, you lose some of the gold coins that you have earned by correct guessing.

The clues are in the form of four images that have something similar in it. Either they all indicate a place or a word. You need to be a good observer to catch the clue and guess the word – as mentioned earlier, it’s not really as simple as it looks! It puts everything to test – your wits, your guessing skills and your willingness to get ahead of the game!

GuezzIt has no age limit. Both adults and children can enjoy it equally. It’s a game for those who want some time “off” or for those who specially take some time off to play it!

GuezzIt can be played on Facebook too! Other than that, it’s available for download on Google’s play store for Android users and on App store for iPhone users too! We keep coming up with new versions and new features such as daily quiz and other such features that help you earn quick points. The game is loaded with fun! For more information, you can take a look at our website and download it instantly too!

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