Guezz It – How good are you at Guessing?

There’s no doubt that mobile games have their own space in our lives. Almost all smartphone users have at least a game or two that is played regularly. Whether users play it for passing away time or are among those who are into serious gaming, mobile games are one means to look away from routine stress and unwind. Well, there are many types of games – some are educational, some that require quick wit and some that have great graphics and action.

Guezz It - Word Guessing GameFrom Crosswords to Scrabble and Now Guezz It!

Word games have always been very popular – right from the times of Crosswords and scrabble. Word games seem simple but really put you to test. Guezz It is one such word game of the new generation. It not only tests your vocabulary, but also puts your guessing powers to test. It can be played in two different ways. You can either guess a word or you can guess the name of a place. Other than this, there are a number of interesting features for Daily Contests etc.

What and How?

Guezz It was built for all age groups and can be played by anyone. That’s the reason it has three different levels defined – Easy, Medium and Hard. You can select what level you want to play right at the beginning of the game. Each level has more than 100 stages and you need to guess one stage correctly to unlock the next one. The complexity of the word that you guess also increases with the stages you cross. You will be presented with four images as clues to the word you want to guess. These images have something in common. You need to locate the exact similarity between these images and that’s your word! Each correct guess earns you some gold coins (virtual). Sounds simple – but it gets challenging as you move on from one stage to another.

Hints and More

The good part is that when you get stuck at a particular stage, you need not abandon the game. Nor does it readily provide you the answer. You can take a hint. Every hint you take, you will have to part with some of you already earned coins.

Guezz It can be really addictive. You can keep guessing for hours and still not want to put it down! With every correct guess, it’s natural instinct to try more and more. With every stage you cross, you are curious to unlock the next one! You can download it on your Android, iPhones, iPads and even play it on Facebook! For further information and quick download, click here for Android, for iPhone