Guezz It is for one and ALL! Ageless!

Word games are ageless. Guessing it right always puts you on the top of the world! Whether you are a child playing scrabble or completing a tough crossword – if you get it right you feel proud of yourself, and what else could be a better feeling than that!

Word and Picture Guessing GameGuezz It is a new approach to word games. Children of all ages and adults of all ages will thoroughly enjoy it. It provides users with clues and you need to analyze the similarities to guess the right word. It’s simple, yet challenging. It even puts your grey matter to test.

Whether you are a pro at word games or a beginner, you can test your skills and sharpen your brains or just enjoy the experience of a mobile game. Guezz It is for all!

Rules are simple:

When you tap on the icon for the game, you are presented with two options. Either you can guess a word based on four different clues, or you can guess the names of places based on four different clues. For every right answer you win points. The points are in the form of virtual coins. If you are stuck, guessing a word, you can always take a hint. Well, the hint comes at a cost – you will have to pay in terms of virtual coins.

The game has three different levels “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”. Each stage has 100 stages to complete. You can move on to the next level only by completing the previous one.

Word games relax your mind. They are genuine stress busters. You can enjoy one anytime, anywhere – while waiting for transport, waiting at a restaurant, or just leisurely sitting in the front porch of your house on a relaxing Sunday afternoon! It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s a challenge!

Download Guezz It now for Android and iPhone!