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Guezz It - Game

Some play games for the “challenge” games offer, some play them just to put their brains to test and yet some others play mobile games to relax their mind, while there are some who play mobile games just to kill time. Well, whatever reason you have, you will just love GUEZZ IT!

Guezz It is for all those word game enthusiasts. You can download it from and it works with Android, iPhones as well as Facebook. It’s really simple to download and install it.

Guezz It for Android     Guezz It for iPhone     Guezz It for Facebook

The rules are simple: All you need to do is be a good guesser! The game comes with three different modes “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”. The one who is smart enough to make all the right guesses for all the 100 stages of the first stage can go to the next level. It’s addictive – you just cannot put it down.

How it works:

At the very beginning, you are given an option to select whether you want to guess words based on clues or guess places based on clues. You earn points whenever you guess the right word. If the word is right on the tip of your tongue, and for some reason you are stuck, Guezz It has an option for users to opt for a hint! Well, the hint does come at a cost though. You need to give up some of the coins that you collected with right guesses while you avail hints.

Relaxing, Fun and Interesting

Word games are popular for their simplicity combined with the advantage of relaxing the mind and giving your grey matter a good run! It is a known fact that mobile games are stress relievers – they are a great way to leave behind all the stress of a day’s work and just relax in a completely different world for a few minutes. Advantages of digital games range from relaxing to sharpening your mind!

Download Guezz it NOW! And experience the joy of words!